Women and Muay Thai

Muay Thai has always been thought of as a man’s sport.  Today, it is becoming more and more popular with women for a variety of reasons, such as physical fitness, weight loss, self-defense and protection, and as a stress reliever.  Female Muay Thai camps are popping up all over the world and even some Muay Thai camps are allowing integrated camps, something that was never possible only a few short years ago.


Although Muay Thai for women is still considered new in the sporting industry, you will find a variety of reasons women are taking to the ancient sport.  Traditional Muay Thai and its techniques, use the entire body, allowing a more focused workout on the core muscles.  This is the area that many women focus on and search for fitness programs that will accomplish not only loss of weight, but cardiovascular endurance and increased overall strength.


Women who have made Muay Thai a part of their lifestyle, have experienced the following:


  • Improved physical health – there are stories of women with serious diseases and aliments that they have overcome with the help of Muay Thai. It has helped improve their physical health by helping to control blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood sugar, just to name a few.
  • Body toning, conditioning and weight loss – unlike anything they have experienced in traditional resistance training, women practicing Muay Thai find that they are stronger, faster and not bulky.
  • Stress management – women have extracted techniques from Muay Thai to use in tackling their day-to-day living. They are able to handle more situations, effectively and calmly.
  • Improved and sustained energy – by practicing Muay Thai, women have found an increase in their energy levels, allowing them to handle more in their day, without feeling drained and tired.
  • Self-discipline and enthusiasm – Muay Thai has given women a greater sense of self-discipline and revived passion for life and being fit.
  • Enhanced mental health – because women are feeling better with more energy and a better sense of self-worth, they are thinking clearer, remaining calm in stressful situations and handling conflict with ease.
  • A self-defense tool like no other – women who have learned and practiced Muay Thai, feel that they have a superior self-defense tool in the event they are attacked. This confidence is enduring.


As you can see, women are not only getting stronger, tougher and fitter by using Muay Thai, but they are experiencing life changing events.  As with ancient traditional Muay Thai, it has had a profound effect on women who practice this martial art, referred to as “the Art of the Eight Limbs.”  Although most women today practice Muay Thai for the reasons mentioned above, do not be surprised if you see an increase in the number of professional women athletes, using Muay Thai in their sporting competitions.

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