“The Sergeant Kung” stated that this is the great chance for his boxer at Siam Omnoi stadium , D-Max .

The Sergeant Kung Sampran has revealed to accept that in the next match his boxer or Teedet has a good chance to fight as the real boxer of millionaire 25th Isuzu , so it is the great honor for Teedet and his life to work as this way with the great chance.


The Sergeant Kung Sampran or the big boss of Sit Chakung has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam at PhuketMuayThaiGym.com after Teedet Sitchakung has his great chance to fight on million baht of 25th Isuzu boxing round with Armean Phumphanmueng on Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday 3rd January 2015 at Siam Omnoi Muay Thai stadium that now he has passed into million baht of 25th Isuzu Muay Thai tournament . Thus, it will be his great honor for Teedet and his work with not easy chance to gain.
The Sergeant Kung said that the winning of this game depends on the fight at the Muay Thai stadium with the good chance of his boxer to be the real one in this Semi Final round. Moreover, his boxer is lucky to fight for 2 times to pass into the Semi Final round in amazing way.

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