Some Supplements You can add in Your Diet When Training Muay Thai – Part 1

Supplements are an important aspect for nutrition, they help in getting all the nutrients without struggling and also helps getting digest faster. However they are optional and it is up to you if you want to add it to your diet or no, but if you are planning to give them a try but don’t know what to go for, then this article will help you in getting to know about the important supplements which can fuel you throughout your Muay Thai training phase. Supplements provide nutrients to your muscles and other internal organs, it helps you in recovery and also helps in building stronger muscle fibers faster. Supplement are great if you are doing weight training along with Muay Thai, but if you are only training Muay Thai, you can still go for them because they will still help you in making muscles stronger. Below is the list of supplements which you can add to your training diet for faster results and recovery.

The products mentioned below are just the type of products, we won’t mention the brand or any specific manufacturer. You can read reviews online for the brands and order the products according to your budget range.


  • Pre- Workout / Training Supplement


A pre-workout supplement is a burst of energy for when you enter the training area for workout. These supplements gives you a boost and helps you survive the strenuous training session. You can take this supplement, thirty minutes to forty five minutes prior to training. This supplement will fuel your body throughout the training session.


  • Multi Vitamins


Multi Vitamins are the best way to get the daily dose of vitamins in a single go. They are easily available and you can get it from any pharmacy. Multi vitamin capsules also provide naturally occurring vitamins which are now non-existent in our diets.

  • Post – Workout / Training Supplement


Post workout supplement is self-explanatory, they help your muscles recover from the hardcore training session which your body went through. These supplements helps in preventing muscle breakdown and also keeps proteins up in your diet. These supplements fuel your muscles and make them stronger.


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