The Muay Thai fight : Yod Vs Somrak

The Lieutunent Yod revealed that only Somrak has used his fist only to fight with him , there might be a few one to cheer up him or give a large amounts of money to him. Besides, it includes with the teamwork and T. Pathak Cinbee Muai Thai  to cheer up Somrak as well , so if he uses elbows to Somrak , it might create the big problem to this game surely. Thus, Mit Nakorn should clear this problem to set the new regulations in obvious ways because now it still has the good current although he has accepted to have more disadvantages than Somrak with his older age for 13 years and his worse body condition , except for his heart.


Furthermore, The Lieutenant Yod revealed further that if Mit Nakorn can’t clear this problem , it should assign work to another interested promoter to make the list of Somrak and him to fight by gaining 1 million baht for Somrak and 500000 baht for him by guaranteeing by the crowded of people surely.

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