Muay Thai

The art of  Muay Thai  or Thai Boxing has been famous in recent years by the TV, newspaper, movies and competition globally.

Contrary to its title, it is not just a material art from Thailand. Like most material arts, it can trace its bases to China and was adapted over time with influence from other nations and surrounding areas. With the introduction of European boxing, the ideas and some of the rules were adopted in the boxing art. The basis of the art is easy – use of fists, head, shin, knees, elbows and feet. It is famous as the King of Material Arts due to its brutal effect and effectiveness as a striking art. Some practitioners of other material arts from all over the globe have gone to fight in Thailand to test the efficiency of Thai boxing and have lost.

It is encouraged by Thailand as it’s fighting aptly and art titled Muay Thai, with the Sanskrit world “Muay” adopted in the language of Thai for material art. Surrounding nations like Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos also practise the fighting art, and is famous under different domestic names like Bando in Myanmar.

To take part in Muay Thai you need to have amazing fitness as well as Thailand wearing boxing shorts. Fight requires stunning stamina and endurance in your muscles as well as common overall fitness.

If you ever train in Thailand they powerfully believe in running to support you get fit. This will include uphill sprints; 10km runs every morning on the beach.

Many camps now incorporate more European techniques to support you build up fitness. For instance, you will have an hour of boot camp fitness which will include conditioning techniques such as resistance, circuits, kettlebells training etc.

Fitness take over the sessions largely when you are a starter as there is no point trying to learn Muay Thai idea when you cannot keep up the pace.

When you first begin Muay Thai it is a best idea that you do some exercise in your own time to compliment the job you are doing in class. You may find that your muscles, joints, and ligaments cannot do much more exercise to being while your body is to the fresh movements. But if you can stand it do some additional cardiovascular job to help speed things up a bit.


The above mentioned practicing of Muay Thai to master it is important for both sorts of people’ the one who adopt it as a sport and the one who uses it to lose weight and gain fitness. Repetitive practice makes the muscles and body strong and give them strength and stiffness. Most important thing to remember here is that learning the correct technique in the first place is very important. Muay Thai is a great tool to lose weight and getting the body in shape. One willing to achieve the goals easily does so by remaining committed and consistent throughout.


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